The Monica Appeal

The Monica Appeal was launched to provide support to the charitable sector where the need for resource was identified as one of the greatest requirements for sustainability of services.

Monica J Thornton was the mum of our founder Michael J Thornton. Monica spent much of her life supporting her church, the community and those that needed help and support. Her dedication and commitment to helping those that needed support extended beyond her financial capabilities. As a single mum to six children Monica could not afford to give money but time was something that she gave in abundance. Monica passed away in 2020 from Alzheimer’s at the age of 93, a cruel disease that took away one of her greatest assets, her mind.

With this in mind The Monica Appeal is designed to work with businesses to ask them for resource, time and availability to support charities and groups who need a helping hand. This may be in the guise of a plumber, fencer, IT support, window cleaner, legal advice, to hang a door or install sensory lighting. It may be to provide gardening services to a play area for children or to support installing equipment of various kinds – the list is endless.

Charities find it hard enough to raise money to support the people and groups they help so to spend it on general maintenance and running costs seems such a poor use of their hard-won funds.